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# Invicta-8926OB Watch Review

Invicta-8926OB Men Watch

Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Automatic Watch

Positive Review:

> February 28, 2013
The bezel was very difficult to turn on the first watch I received. Amazon sent me a replacement. The replacement watch is perfect, no problems at all. A good affordable and purely mechanical watch that would wind itself as I wear it every day. A word of advice: If you are looking for a highly accurate watch, you should get a quartz watch or a digital watch because this watch mighe not the watch you are looking for. Mechanical watches have the tendency to run faster or even slower, a professional watchmaker in a jewelry store can "regulate" with fine adjustments so it would run with high accuracy. The watch I receive has a Seiko Nh35A Japanese movement. The watch specification data shows accuracy is -25 to +35 seconds per day at 23 degree Celcius. Self winding mechanical watches are fine mechanical machine that run owns energy stored in the spring as your arm moves, no electric power or daily hand winding. Just like any fine analog machines, fine adjustment is needed to run accurate and precise. I am very happy with the watch. It is a very good self winding mechanical watch for the low price of $89 I paid.

NH35A movement specification I found on the internet:

> February 11, 2013
I have approximately 25 watches. I have very good watches that are expensive and I have some that are just "fashion watches".......This particular Invicta Pro Diver is one of the watches I first bought. Even though it is not a highh priced watch it is one of the watches I am most pleased with for several reasons.

1. It is inexpensive

2. It is well made.

3. This Japanese automatic movement is a proven movement that is very accurate. I know this particular movement is well thought of for the price point.I may have been just lucky but this movement is one of the most accurate movements I have and I have some watches with some expensive and well thought of movements.

4. The design is the common "rolex type" of copy that goes with anything you wear.

5. I use this watch as a "daily driver" kind of watch and it gets alot of wear.

I would recomend this watch to anyone.

> February 5, 2013

The watch arrive quickly and in perfect condition. It is easy to adjust the band using inexpensive tools I also ordered. There were none of the problems or cosmetic defects some reviews mention. I have worn it for 31 days and it works fine. Runs about 6 seconds per day fast. That is good for automatic watches, including Rolex. This is a $300 watch with a a five year warranty, for $85, and free shipping. To receive the extended warranty you must register the watch on-line with invicta. Then call the Invicta number in Florida and they will extend it to five years without charge. You will enjoy wearing this good looking, quality watch. Save yourself $8,500.00 and buy this instead of a Submariner. You will feel better about yourself if you do.
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  1. I have a couple of Invicta watches with this particular model movement. In a year or so since I've owned them, one watch has proven to be very accurate. The other was slow and after being regulated it is now about 10 to 15 seconds a day fast. Overall, I like them, but I will be happier when I purchase watch winders.